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The Pedestal of Play

Superkilen, Copenhagen

In a world as grand and complex as ours, it is easy to forget the value of play. Playing becomes the thing that kids do and adults are left with the boring minutia of the day. Companies like Facebook and Google have only recently reminded us that the activity is for adults too. A monumental move, this is about monumental play. Continue reading

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A Park for All Ages: Copenhagen’s ‘Red Square’

Stepping into the Red Square, you feel as if you have entered the fantasy candyland of your childhood even though it’s halfway down Nørrebrogade, one of Copenhagen’s busiest streets in the Nørrebro area. This ‘red square’ is not of the political variety. Instead, it’s been named after the red hues that cover nearly every surface. It serves as a playground for adults and children alike and is a place in the city where adults are often seen not acting their age. (Lucky for both, there is soft padding underneath the play structures in case horseplay becomes a little too rough.) Continue reading

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