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The Hills on Governors Island


The Hills, the new park on Governors Island in New York City, opened on July 29. The park is designed by Dutch firm, West 8 Urban Design and Landscape Architecture and constructed from fill made out of the demolition of  existing buildings to the site, recycled materials and steel slag. Among some of the great features is Slide Hill, which rises forty feet, and has four silver-colored slides of different lengths; one being longest slide in all of New York City.  Continue reading



Brooklyn Bridge Park has undergone a massive renovation that offers great views, engagement spaces and rotating art installations.  Currently, acclaimed artist Deborah Kass’ monumental sculpture OY/YO, commissioned by Two Trees Management Co., walks the line between respectful homage and brazen appropriation. Sourced from urban and Brooklyn slang, the statement “I am” in Spanish, and the popular Yiddish expression, OY/YO has been a significant and reoccurring motif in Kass’ work, taking form in paintings, prints, and tabletop sculptures. Continue reading

Lego Block Parklets in Boston

Four new parklets will be popping up around Boston this summer as part of a new program of the Boston Transportation Department. Brooklyn-based Interboro Designs developed a modular design dubbed “ad-blocs”. These plastic blocks can be stacked and combined to form many different settings. Like giant Lego bricks, the ad-blocs have raised and depressed components that let them lock together. Alternatively, the depressions can be used as planters.
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Serpentine Pavilion

Chilean architect Smiljan Radic has designed the 14th Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. The neolithic structure sits atop large quarry rocks and is situated in  London’s Kensington Gardens until mid-October. The designer describes the extraordinary structure as having “a relationship to the landscape, with a lot of holes so you can see the landscape of this beautiful park.”
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