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Scadding Court: Design for Diversity Spotlight


Most urban planners and city leaders agree that diversity is key to creating healthy, inclusive communities but this rarely translates to the day-to-day living experience. We at OpenCity have spent the last seven years learning about what motivates people to spend time in a place and connect with others. We turned our attention to existing public spaces, that have evolved organically, and found some great examples in Toronto. Scadding Court is one of those unique and inclusive spaces in the city that welcomes and connects a diverse group of citizens.
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Market 707: Shipping Containers for Public Spaces

By Anjuli Solanki

Scadding Court Community Centre Market Place, also known as Market 707 is located on Dundas Street West and Bathurst. Scadding Court Community Centre (SCCC) has a rooted history of creating dynamic and relevant community programming and the Container Market 707 is a permanent and physical example of their social inclusion and community economic development initiatives. Recognizing that the inactive and bleak looking strip that encases the SCCC was a safety concern as well as an area lacking  certain amenities, they took action to rectify this deficiency through the implementation of a container market. Not only has the 707 Market improved the safety through passive ‘policing’ by the retailers and patrons; it has also provided unique and affordable economic opportunities. Continue reading

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