Design for Diversity Manifesto


Since 2006, OpenCity Projects has showcased how excellent public spaces and urban design help make our cities more beautiful, diverse, sustainable, and inclusive.

We have often looked to Toronto for inspiration. It’s a city of newcomers, where immigration is embraced and where almost 50% of its population have been born outside Canada. Here we’ve seen that when people mix together and integrate well with each other and their spaces everyone can live and grow together, peacefully.

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Illuminated crosswalks in Amsterdam


The lighted zebra crossing, developed and patented by a company with the same name, is an illuminated crosswalk. Installed in the Netherlands, the white stripes of the ‘zebra’ light up both the crossing and its pedestrian traffic with the intent of improving safety at these intersections. In addition, several sensors — embedded into the technology — register the number of passing vehicles, as well as their velocity, axle load, and the number of pedestrians. Continue reading…

The Heidelberg Project


The Heidelberg Project, a public art initiative created by painter/sculptor Tyree Guyton, aims to revitalize a community in east Detroit through art. The eclectic project runs along Heidelberg Street and spans approximately two blocks. Brightly coloured houses and patterned sidewalks line the street, with installation and sculptures that fill the spaces in between. The project started in 1986, as Guyton noticed the decay of his neighbourhood and sought to bring people together. It has grown since then and has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from each year. While this year marked three decades of the Heidelberg Project, it also came with the announcement that the project will soon be dismantled. Continue reading…