A Ribbon of Green Space


When I moved to Toronto from Winnipeg in 2013, I was immediately fascinated with the city’s invigorated spirit, so much so that I limited my apartment search to the downtown core. I found a small bachelor apartment on Church Street, situated in the busy Church/Wellesley Village. One day while walking home from the subway station, I stumbled upon a series of parks linking Dundonald and Charles Streets, called the Dundonald Parkette. This stretch of greenery is a multifunctional urban intervention, offering space for outdoor activities. Whether a user is simply passing through, or passively taking it all in from the comfort of a park bench, the parkette offers a varied set of opportunities.

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Vietnam’s Vegan House

vegan-house-block-architects (1)

The city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, has gained a charming and colorful addition to its peaceful neighborhoods. Keeping in line with other traditional “tube houses” in the area, the Vegan House, formerly a private home, now serves as a cultural center for the community. You can’t miss it, thanks to a striking, multi-level arrangement of colorful shutters on its façade.

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