Design for Diversity Manifesto


Since 2006, OpenCity Projects has showcased how excellent public spaces and urban design help make our cities more beautiful, diverse, sustainable, and inclusive.

We have often looked to Toronto for inspiration. It’s a city of newcomers, where immigration is embraced and where almost 50% of its population have been born outside Canada. Here we’ve seen that when people mix together and integrate well with each other and their spaces everyone can live and grow together, peacefully.

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How do we Design for Diversity?

d4d collage

How do we Design for Diversity? We here at OpenCity have spent the last seven years learning about what motivates diverse people to spend time in a place and connect with others. In sharing our research findings in this emerging field, we aim to inspire others to design more inclusive places for culturally diverse communities. For us Design for Diversity is a new way of viewing, planning and designing public space.

Over the summer we launched a nine-point Manifesto, developed a framework and posted a series of blog posts sharing stories and ideas that unpack the Design for Diversity principles and explore how to apply them to the design process. The Design for Diversity Tool Kit, an aide for City builders interested in planning for culturally diverse communities, will be launching soon!  Continue reading…

Phlegm’s 8-Storey Mural in Toronto

UK street artist Phlegm recently completed an eight-storey mural at Yonge and St. Clair. Located within a community that is currently undergoing a vast amount of change, the mural was designed in collaboration with the community, and coordinated by public-art organization STEPS. Continue reading…