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Walking for Jane – Complete Streets


On the first weekend of May, Toronto played host to the Jane’s Walk Festival, a three day bipedal celebration of urban space, as understood by those who live it. With over 180 walks held, the city was dotted with mobile crowds that consistently attracted the curiosity of onlookers – and even led to some new participants. Continue reading

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What About the Children?

By Jason Neudorf

Do kids belong in the city? The question has long been a divisive one. In Toronto, a city that prides itself on having livable neighbourhoods and a vibrant downtown, the chorus of naysayers has recently gained support from some prominent and at times surprising voices. This past summer the Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday suggested that the downtown was not well suited for families, and that the issue was of no concern to the City.
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Space98: A Vancouver Bus Shelter Turned Message Board

By Brandon Yan

This space on Granville Street near Broadway used to be a bus shelter for Translink’s 98 B-Line, a rapid bus system from Vancouver to Richmond that became extinct with the completion of the Canada Line. Since September of 2009, this sad space has sat unloved and unused: the number 10 bus that now runs along Granville Street stops about five or so metres to the north so no one waits here. Sometimes you’ll see the odd person sitting on the bench.

Whenever I see a sad space in the city I always envision its potential. A few months ago, the Vancouver Public Space Network (a group that I volunteer with), organized an ‘Ideas Jam’ and I brought up the possibility of transforming this old bus shelter into something useful again. A group of us came up with some pretty great ideas but I thought it’d be even better if we asked the community what they wanted. So, I bought a bunch of peel and stick chalkboard panels and some chalk and this past weekend I gathered a few friends and volunteers and we set it up. I kind of prefaced the whole experiment with a quote from Jane Jacobs: “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

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A New York City Hidden Gem

At the corner of Hudson and Grove Streets in New York’s Greenwich Village, just steps from where Jane Jacobs lived, a brick wall goes unnoticed beside the neighbourhood’s Federal style brownstones. With the crush of traffic on Hudson 24/7, it’s hard to imagine the scene that sits on the other side. Continue reading

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