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Planter Personalities

By Jake Tobin Garrett

Walking around New York this past summer, I began to notice something as I moved from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. On each street, at regular intervals, street trees protruded from well-tended and uniquely-designed mini gardens. Each of these trees had their own personalities stamped into the sidewalks from which they sprouted.

Being the weird tourist that I am, I began to take pictures of these all around New York. It was amazing, once I began to notice them, how many different kinds of treatments there were. Some were overgrown with greenery, others deliberate flower gardens, others lined with stone. Some had small wire fences around them while others were left open to wandering feet. (Many, especially on residential streets, contained a small sign that implored dog owners to curb their dogs). I wandered around, happily snapping photos of the sidewalk, while others snapped photos of the skyscrapers.

Then, I got back to Toronto.

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