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Sunbeds perk up an abandoned space


The designers of No Studio from Wroclaw, Poland are creating a series of micro-installations to breath new life into neglected public spaces. Founded by Magda Szwajcowska and Michal Majewski, No Studio’s portfolio contains works that range from temporary architecture to small-scale architecture to product design. Their motto is to solve problems as opposed to creating monuments. Continue reading

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Snow Monsters


DOT Art has partnered with the Dominique Lévy Gallery and the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership to present the installation of “Snow Monsters” at the Flatiron Plaza on Broadway and 23rd Street. The group of 12 white and gray marble sculptures, created by Swiss-artist Peter Regli, are meant to “interrupt the quick glance” of passerby within the urban atmosphere of the plaza. Continue reading

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