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Set in the Street

setinthestreet_justinbettman-16 times square

Brooklyn-based photographer Justin Bettman is turning unwanted and discarded materials into alfresco living rooms in various cities around the world. Set in the Street is a collection of elaborate living room sets erected in public space. After Bettman is finished shooting photos in the spaces, the sets are left up on the street, where passersby are invited to shoot their own photos.  Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge Park has undergone a massive renovation that offers great views, engagement spaces and rotating art installations.  Currently, acclaimed artist Deborah Kass’ monumental sculpture OY/YO, commissioned by Two Trees Management Co., walks the line between respectful homage and brazen appropriation. Sourced from urban and Brooklyn slang, the statement “I am” in Spanish, and the popular Yiddish expression, OY/YO has been a significant and reoccurring motif in Kass’ work, taking form in paintings, prints, and tabletop sculptures. Continue reading

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Please touch the art


Public Art Fund announces Please Touch the Art, a major new exhibition by Danish artist Jeppe Hein featuring 18 playful sculptures designed specifically for public interaction at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Engaging visitors through pieces that are both accessible and surprising, the show includes three distinct bodies of work. Continue reading

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Greenery in Brooklyn


Gowanus artist Ruth Hofheimer has partnered with DOT Art and Arts Gowanus to install six steel sculptures along the median at 4th Avenue and Prospect Avenue in South Slope, Brooklyn. The series of bright and humorous cartoon-like cut outs titled, “Greenery” features abstract vegetative forms and organic growth. While the plant-like structures provide a contrast to the surrounding urban landscape, the steel materials of Hofheimer’s pieces also reference the vehicular industries that dominate the avenue. Continue reading

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Living treehouses


American artist Patrick Dougherty specializes in “stickwork” installations; sculptures made from saplings. With the help of teams of volunteers, Dougherty spends around three weeks at a time on sites around the world, using the local environment and indigenous species to inform and create the final product. Continue reading

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