Yearly Review – The Best of 2016


As 2016 comes to a close we would like to take a look at what made this year so memorable. We explored innovative programs from around the world that focused on cultural diversity, inclusion and community building. We also launched Design for Diversity in 2016. For us, it is a new way of viewing, planning and designing public space that will work to create inclusive and welcoming spaces for all people. Our work won’t stop in 2017 either. The Design for Diversity Tool Kit, an aide for City builders interested in planning for culturally diverse communities, will be launching in 2017.

Top Stories of 2016

  • How do we Design for Diversity?
    Our 9-point manifesto breaks down how you can design for diversity in your own community using the City of Toronto as inspiration.
  • Urban Potluck
    Ciudad Emergente out of Santiago Chile employed many small-scale tactics in 2016 to effect real change in communities. One of our favourites was Urban Potluck where sharing a meal proved it could lead to much more
  • #SitTO
    The #SitTO project inspired Torontonians to expect more from their public spaces with the help of a simple white chair.
  • Date While You Wait
    Date While You Wait was one of the many great many ways the New York subway system was used this year to inspire and connect. 
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