Weekly Review

View East at Fort York Blvd_Winter

Here’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from cities around the world. This week we bring you solar power in Rwanda, reclaiming ugly underpasses as public space and including building efficiency in climate talks. 

Reclaiming the underpass
For a number of heavily built up cities, green space can be scarce. That’s why Toronto, Chicago and Miami have decided to take back the public realm by reclaiming the space under ugly underpasses. (via Gizmodo)

Building Efficiency – COP21
The first ever “Buildings Day” will be recognized at the COP21 climate talks in Paris. Despite the known impact of construction and buildings on greenhouse gas emissions, the topic has been largely ignored until now. (via The City Fix)

Rwanda’s solar project
In just one year, Rwanda constructed a solar power project in record time. In just one year, the project went from contracts to usable electricity with a capacity of 8.5 megawatts. (via Inhabitat)


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