Weekly Review


Here’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from cities around the world. This week we bring you 15 cities that replaced fossil fuels with renewables, China’s epic urban sprawl viewed from space and designing cities with more green space.

  • Fossil fuel free cities
  • In a new infographic, CDP, a U.K.-based nonprofit, maps out how much progress 162 major cities have made toward getting rid of fossil fuels. Each city that shifts makes a noticeable difference in the world’s carbon footprint because cities consume around 78% of global energy. (via fastco exist)


  • Designing for more green space
  • Today, more and more people living in urban environments but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t experience the benefits of a rural lifestyle. That’s why urban ecologists are considering how we can enhance “ecosystem services” such as parks, protected areas and waterways, for those living and working in cities. (via City Lab)


  • China’s epic urban sprawl
  • Viewing China’s massive urban transformation from space. NASA captured the stunning growth with two images taken a quarter century apart. (via market watch)

Photo by miss_millions from Flickr CC

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