Weekly Review


Here’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from cities around the world. This week we bring you the importance of putting pedestrians at the centre of urban design,  encouraging kids to be silly and bridging the gap to good design by using a city’s elevated infrastructure to create great public spaces.

  • Putting pedestrians at the centre of urban design
  • MIT Media Lab’s “Placelet” project will measure the quality of a space by tracking how people move through it. The project will track how a pedestrian moves through a space. The idea being that the more slowly a person walks through a space, the more likely it is that they are enjoying it. (via City Lab)
  • Elevated design
  • The Design Trust for Public Space released the results of a two-year study that investigated ways to reclaim and redesign spaces beneath our bridges, roads, and rail lines. (via Urban Omnibus)
  • Designing for silliness 
  • Architect Takaharu Tezuka explains in a TEDx Kyoto talk how one school created a kindergarten that doesn’t fight against kids’ natural impulses. It counts on them.(via upworthy)

Photo by Shinya Suzuki Flickr CC

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