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Lumiere London


Web app and lighting design by Art AV strung between buildings at Oxford Circus.

Cold January nights have a tendency to trigger an instinctive need to hide away indoors until springtime but recent efforts in London have residents and tourists alike flocking to the streets. The first annual Lumiere London was a 4-night urban festival that re-imagined London’s urban landscape and architecture through the work of 30 installations across four main areas of the city. Continue reading

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Canadian Lessons for Winter Cities


As the mercury begins to rise above zero in many Canadian cities in March, it’s tempting to pretend that we’ll never again have to bundle up and suffer through frozen-numb faces and temperatures colder than Mars. Though probably required to alleviate our collective cabin fever, in reality about one quarter of our lives in northern cities is spent dealing with winter and its many discontents. This annual recurrence of snow and slush, blizzards and black ice, has largely and traditionally been ignored by urban planners and designers whose work tends to focus on making our cities and spaces livable and functional for only three quarters of the year. Lately, however, a movement has been gaining momentum that is challenging this seasonal myopia and is seeking innovative solutions to combat this oversight.

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