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Mobile galleries in Spain


The side of a freight truck, with its expansive surface space, has great potential for massive artistic expression. This becomes all the more clear as the Truck Art Project transforms these large vehicles into mobile galleries whose exteriors display contemporary paintings. The open road hosts these unconventional artworks, utilizing a network of trade transportation routes that roll across Spain and bring art to places where this type of unexpected work is rarely seen. Continue reading

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Demystifying Transport Demand Management


A century of car-centric urban development has left our cities polluted, congested and searching for sustainable solutions. Transport Demand Management (TDM) strategies can provide these solutions by combining public policy and private sector innovation to reverse over-reliance on private cars. The Moving Beyond Cars series offers a global tour of TDM solutions in Brazil, China, India and Mexico, providing lessons in how cities can curb car culture to make sustainable transport a reality.

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Mi Teleférico—a cable car in the skies of Bolivia

flickr_David Baggins3

A subway in the sky is the new public transportation system in the mountainous and unstable terrain of La Paz, Bolivia. This, the first cable car line in the city, stretches from an area near the center of La Paz and connects with the frenetic city of El Alto located on a high plateau. Continue reading

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Rainbow Station

The latest installation by Studio Roosegaarde will help to brighten up a dreary commute through Amsterdam’s largest transport hub. In celebration of Amsterdam Central Station’s 125 anniversary, “Rainbow Station” is a light projection that blasts the east face of the building with a full spectrum of colour. The projection lasts for just a few moments each day after sunset.
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Bikestock Vending Machines Keep you Cycling 24/7


There is an endless supply of excuses that can be made to avoid jumping on that dusty bicycle and into your car instead: It’s too cold outside. It’s too hot today. It’s snowing. I don’t want to get sweaty on the way to work. I’m wearing heels and don’t want to bring a change of shoes. I have too many things to carry today. Continue reading

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