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6 1/2 Avenue, New York City

The Manhattan grid in Midtown is a little less rigid this autumn.

The plan for Manhattan’s grid was published in 1811 when most New Yorkers still lived at the very tip of Lower Manhattan. Without respect to topography, the grid divided the island into neat little blocks convenient for development, tidily accommodating the city’s rapid population growth and northward expansion. Except for the monumental subtraction of Central Park, the grid was built out essentially intact over the following two centuries. Continue reading

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OpenCity Weekly Review

Here’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from cities around the world. This week we bring you strip malls, distillations of StreetView, and pedestrian maps.

  • The Sad Evolution of the Strip Mall
  • At the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, you can see a recreation of an early strip mall, still roughly human-scale and oriented toward the street with open storefronts and small businesses. The history of cars in Los Angeles is full of many such forgotten losses, reports Sarah Goodyear. (via The Atlantic Cities)
  • Researchers Create Picture Dictionary for Cities
  • Using 40,000 Google StreetView images, researchers have determined which visual elements most define a dozen cities around the world. Paris, it turns out, is not defined by the Eiffel Tower but instead the character of its street signs, lamp posts, and balcony railings. It’s science! (via GOOD)
  • Humanizing Traffic Counts at Toronto Intersections
  • Using traffic counts made freely available by the City, Jake Schabas has plotted a map putting pedestrian and vehicle volumes across Toronto in perspective. As inspiration he cites one of the main principles of Gehl Architects: what gets measured gets done. (via Spacing Toronto)

Photo of Shanghai pedestrians by 2 dogs from Flickr (cc)

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