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Soundwave by Penda


Penda recently finished a landscape sculpture in Xiangyang, China, which consists of more than 500 perforated, vibrantly coloured steel fins varying in height. The sculpture marks the entrance gate to the largest Myrtle Tree Garden in Asia. Music, Rhythm and Dance in combination with the surrounding Landscape were the main parameters shaping ‘the Soundwave’. Continue reading

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Greenery in Brooklyn


Gowanus artist Ruth Hofheimer has partnered with DOT Art and Arts Gowanus to install six steel sculptures along the median at 4th Avenue and Prospect Avenue in South Slope, Brooklyn. The series of bright and humorous cartoon-like cut outs titled, “Greenery” features abstract vegetative forms and organic growth. While the plant-like structures provide a contrast to the surrounding urban landscape, the steel materials of Hofheimer’s pieces also reference the vehicular industries that dominate the avenue. Continue reading

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Caesarstone Swing


London-based Canadian designer, Philippe Malouin, is the latest to re-imagine Caesarstone’s diverse surfacing. At the latest Interior Design Show in Toronto, the brand debuted Swings, a playful gesture which takes the composite stone out of its context and re-appropriates it in a surreal installation.

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The Trojan Egg of Porto


Portuguese architect Camilo Rebelo installed this wooden egg large enough for several people to hide inside beneath the vaulted ceilings of the Porto city hall atrium. Described by Camilo Rebelo as a “trojan egg”, a reference to the mythical wooden horse that the Greek army hid in to enter the city of Troy, the pod is intended as a place for silence and contemplation.

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Rise UP Detroit


HOUSE OF MEGGS announces the completion of ‘Rise Up,’ David ‘MEGGS’ Hooke’s largest solo mural to date. At over 6,000 square feet, it towers over the eastern section of Detroit’s Russell industrial district and serves as an iconic symbol of the city’s ups and downs. The mural, which features an image of a tiger and the text ‘Rise Up,’ reveals a constant symbol of hope and strength that the city can identify with as it moves into a new era of change and regrowth. Continue reading

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