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Light therapy in Montreal


Glowing seesaws have taken over the iconic Place Des Festivals in Montreal, combining a public art installation with a luminous interactive experience. Designed by Lateral Office and CS Design, the giant seesaws, dubbed “Impulse,” hum with music when passersby play on them. The vibrant seesaws were chosen for the city’s sixth annual Luminothérapie event, which includes art and tech projects that use light and design. Continue reading

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Building 3D Bridges


Amsterdam already has over 1,200 bridges throughout its canals, with some dating as far back as the 17th century, but the city is about to add one more in correspondence with its growing 3D printing industry. Dutch start-up MX3D has partnered with Joris Laarman Lab, Heijmans, Autodesk, and several other supporters, in a collaboration that will create an intricate steel pedestrian bridge made by 3D printers.

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Vietnam’s Vegan House

vegan-house-block-architects (1)

The city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, has gained a charming and colorful addition to its peaceful neighborhoods. Keeping in line with other traditional “tube houses” in the area, the Vegan House, formerly a private home, now serves as a cultural center for the community. You can’t miss it, thanks to a striking, multi-level arrangement of colorful shutters on its façade.

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Bike Lanes in Santiago


The city of Santiago, Chile is expanding its biking system and improving mobility as a result. The NGO Ciudad Emergente organized a public intervention to prove that a bike lane could be integrated into a busy street in the city. For one weekend, a temporary and safe 3 km bike lane was available on the three-lane street Eliodoro Yáñez from Tobalaba to Avenida Providencia. Overnight, a team of volunteers transformed one lane into a bike lane by painting lines and installing traffic cones. During the day, safety was assured by human traffic guards and a clear separation between the street and bicycle lanes. Continue reading

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