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#SitTO: A No-Brainer Idea Whose Time Has Finally Come


“Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come” said Victor Hugo, famous author of Les Miserables and the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Even though he was talking about crime and punishment in the mid-nineteenth century, the sentiment stands, or given this post’s topic, sits. A recent flurry of media attention and a nationally-trending hashtag (#SitTO) has finally started a long overdue conversation about Toronto’s public spaces, namely their lack of public seating. See, while Toronto has no shortage of engaging streets, vibrant neighbourhoods, and dynamic public spaces – seriously check out footage from Jurassic Park during the NBA playoffs – there’s very few places where you can take a load off. Here’s a few reasons in no particular order about why that’s a problem and why you should care about this in the first place.

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Defending Pedestrian Rights

There is a defender of pedestrian rights in the streets of Mexico City, Peatónito the masked Lucha Libre. Pedestrian safety is a major issue in Mexico city with one pedestrian death per day on average and countless injuries. Peatónito and his comrades take to the streets and crosswalks to physically block cars that are infringing on pedestrian space, paint crosswalks and clear sidewalks of obstructions.

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