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An 100in1Day Story

vacant lot

It started with a vacant lot; an unloved, mostly ignored, plastic-bag-and-broken-bottle-strewn patch of city. I, and am sure many others in my neighbourhood, passed by it every day. Sometimes I’d grumble about its sorry state but usually I would just ignore it. At some point, I knew, given Toronto’s current real estate frenzy, this corner would be developed, its barren ground again serving an essential function. With earphones in and a whole other three corners to survey during my commute, I could wait a while for this gap in the urban fabric to be filled.

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Dreaming Big and Small with 100in1Day

OpenCity Projects: 100in1dayEvergreen CityWorks and United Way Toronto are dreaming both big and small for Toronto’s inaugural 100in1Day Festival. Big because they want to organize 100 urban interventions in 1 day – June 7, 2014 to be exact – and small because they want to empower individual citizens and residents to “activate” each of the 100 projects. Their hope is to change the city for the better and infuse our everyday urban experience with a little spirit and a lot of imagination. Continue reading

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