Spinning tops and summer streets

spinning top

“Los Trompos (Spinning Tops),” a set of six, eight-foot-tall interactive seating elements, created by Mexican-based design team Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena was placed within the Astor Place Rest Stop all three Summer Streets Saturdays. Inspired by the popular children’s toy, the seating elements enabled Citi Summer Streets participants to experience a life-sized “spinning top” first hand as they twisted around and within the sculptures.

Designers Esrawe and Cadena used bright, neon-colored rope to bring their colorful and dynamic Latin American inspired designs to life. Esrawe notes, “The concept behind “Los Trompos” is based on an approach of traditional toys, their colorful ex¬pression and the way they are constructed. We wanted to talk about the traditions and skills of the craftsmen in Mexico, as an inheritance of our culture. We like the idea of translating these tech¬niques into new symbols.”

Photo by nycdot from FlickrCC

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