Torontoist: Homeward Unbound

Homeward Unbound
By Dory Carr-Harris

Summer is a time to get intimate with the gritty streets of our little borough, and this is exactly what industrial design students from OCAD have set out to do in their exhibit TORONTO UNBOUND. Together with the design school and the City of Toronto, OpenCity Projects has put together a creative lab to come up with design ideas for Toronto’s neighbourhoods, to help foster communication between the members of that specific community and to make those spaces more accessible for other city dwellers.

In order to achieve this mighty task, the students immersed themselves in their chosen neighbourhood doing extensive research into its history, and interviewing residents and business owners. “This partnership between OCAD, OpenCity Projects, and the City is helping to make Toronto a truly livable space,” said David Miller. A task, you could argue, he has yet to achieve.

The top 22 designs of 80 will be on display at XPACE and this Thursday a jury made up of members representing each of the three partners will select five designs that will be implemented in their chosen neighbourhoods, like the Red Carpet (by Vincent Monestero) that seeks to welcome inhabitants and visitors into the up-and-coming neighbourhoods on the Dufferin TTC routes, and connect them with the artistic community in West Queen West and Parkdale.

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