OpenCity Weekly Review

6076947780_040efdb90a_bHere’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from cities around the world. This week we bring you the street as a public space, the lost greenery of Moscow and the re-use of infrastructure for public recreation. 

  • Infrastructure as Public Space
  • Formerly off-limits viaducts and aqueducts in Massachussetts are set to open to the public for recreation. Instead of carrying water, though, the 40-mile long system will carry people on a hiking trail through some of the state’s most beautfiul sights. (Via The Boston Globe)
  • The Lost Greenery of Moscow
  •  Svetlana Samsonova takes readers on a journey through Moscow to discover the 96 parks and 100 square kilometres of protected forest that grow within the city limits. Turns out Russia’s capital is an unsung hero urban greenspace. (Via polis blog)
  • Turning Streets into Places
  • A mash-up of theories and principles to cleverly articulate how our sidewalks, boulevards, and avenues require just as much design thinking as our buildings and more “traditional” public spaces like parks. Using infographics and photos, the author explores how making our streets more engaging creates a stronger community and a more liveable atmosphere. (Via Atlantic Cities)

Photo by nycstreets from Flickr (CC)

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