OpenCity Weekly Review

14220746316_3218176f12_zHere’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from cities around the world. This week we bring you the controversial gentrification of San Francisco’s Mission District, creating temporary community spaces with instant playgrounds and creating a new experience while waiting for the crosswalk. 

  • Controversial Gentrification
  • Gentrication: the process of revitalizing an urban setting by means of renovation and shifting the area’s demographics. Gentrification can be a scary term especially in a city district that is marked by a vibrancy that can be attributed to crowded sidewalk fruit markets, lively music, smells of local cusine and livability for people from all walks of life. San Francisco’s Mission District is under threat from the regions growing techies that could negatively effect this wonderful neighbourhood. (via Sustainable Cities)
  • Instant Playgrounds
  • What if a playground fit in a suitcase and could be assebled in an hour? This portable game, designed by a group of designers for the Urban Prototyping competition, provides an opportunity for neighbors who otherwise might not interact to talk to one another. As one of the creators puts it, “Things happen when people are instigated to interact.” (via FastCo.Exist)
  • Making Traffic Lights Dance
  • Waiting for a light to turn can get awfully dull but in Lisbon an interactive installation encourages pedestrians to wait..and dance. Using motion capture technology, the red dancing man moves according to members of the public filmed in a booth nearby. Watch the video here. (via dezeen)

Photo by Dave Young from Flickr CC

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