OpenCity Weekly Review

3241539991_4dd96aa0f3_oHere’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from cities around the world. This week we bring you high rise housing design that fosters social interaction among neighbours, re-purposing sports stadiums to address housing needs and the struggle to find bike parking solved.

  • From Stadium to Housing?
  • The World Cup is over, but the stadiums remain. Brazil spent $4 billion on facilities that will likely see little action, costing more to maintain then the revenue they will generate. But two architects have an idea to convert these sporting venues in much-needed housing.  (via FastCoExist)
  • Bicycle Hotel in Norway
  • The surge in popularity of bicycle use has some fighting for a place to park their two-wheelers. A new bicycle hotel has been unveiled in the Norwegian city of Drammen boasting room for over one hundred bikes in a high tech and beautifully designed space. (via inhabitat)

Photo by Patrick Goossens rom Flickr CC

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