OpenCity Weekly Review

401739071_6e7ff2c2aa_zHere’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from cities around the world. This week we bring you Seattle’s colourful road ahead, a water and solar powered device that’s cleaning Baltimore’s harbor and Chicago’s landmarks all lit up.

  • A colourful road ahead for Seattle
  •  Seattle’s Department of Trandportation’s Public Space Management Program makes it easy for people to use their streets in new and creative ways. A pilot program “Play Streets” kicks off this spring and offer an opportunity for the community to take back  a neighborhood street. (via
  • Cleaning Baltimore’s Harbour
  • In an attempt to make Baltimore’s harbor clean enough for swimming and fishing by 2020, the city is taking a chance on a solar-powered wheel attached to a dumpster to make it happen.The 14-foot “water wheel” works by sucking up trash as it enters the harbour. (via CityLab)
  • Lighting Up Chicago
  • This selection of landmarks light up the city of Chicago in more ways than one. Check out a list of Chi-Town’s 15 illuminating urban wonders. (via Buzz Feed)

Photo by aussiegall from Flickr CC

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