OpenCity Weekly Review

Sardines_mercado4_for-web-1237x500Here’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from cities around the world. This week we bring you shared spaces and slow zones of Paris and New York, an invisible cities app and delightfully dressed-up crosswalks. 

  • Shared Spaces and Slow Zones
  • How do cities support large pedestrian populations and decrease auto-dominance? This article looks at the pro-pedestrian policies of Paris and compares them to the urban policies employed in New York City. (via Project for Public Space)
  • Invisible Cities App
  • The Invisible Cities app takes geocoded data from instagram and twitter and morphs it into a landscape, displaying where the most activity is occurring.  (via Arch Daily)
  • Delightful Crosswalks 
  • These crosswalks are way more than just asphalt and paint. Canadian artist Roadsworth traveled around Montreal, as well as the world, transforming pedestrian passages into eye-grabbing spectacles: a school of colorful fish, a skein of yarn, a skeleton, a row of large-caliber bullets. Check them out here (via Atlantic Cities)

Photo by Roadsworth

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