OpenCity Weekly Review

4726002886_bcdcbcd6d4_oHere’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from cities around the world. This week we bring you an infographic looking at the “hyperdiversity” of 20 cities around the world, a new kind of living building and food as the key to vibrant cities

  • Hyper-DiverCity
  • This infographic shows the diversity of 20 cities around the globe. Each of the cities highlighted are home to more than 1 million foreign-born residents making them “hyperdiverse”. Do you live in a hyperdiverse city? (via GOOD)
  • Restaurants and Vibrant Cities
  • A recent study has found that food is a major driver of the (American) urban experience. Food is not only an incubator for social interaction but restaurants are the leading force behind reclaimed waterfronts and neighbourhood regeneration. (via CityLab)
  • Bioskin Buildings
  • Building facades are becoming the key location for innovators to tackle environmental sustainability. “Bioskin”, the recent winner of the 2014 Tall Building Innovation Award, is a system of ceramic pipes that absorbs and evaporates heat creating a cooling effect  (via The Creators Project)

Photo by Mark Ramsay rom Flickr CC

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