Lumiere London


Web app and lighting design by Art AV strung between buildings at Oxford Circus.

Cold January nights have a tendency to trigger an instinctive need to hide away indoors until springtime but recent efforts in London have residents and tourists alike flocking to the streets. The first annual Lumiere London was a 4-night urban festival that re-imagined London’s urban landscape and architecture through the work of 30 installations across four main areas of the city.

The aim of the event was to attract people into the heart of the capital during what is traditionally one of the quieter months of the year. The event was possibly too successful as organizers had to temporarily switched off installations at some locations due to over-crowding. However the response clearly shows an interest in exploring one’s city and experiencing familiar sights in a new way; weather be damned.


Lit by LEDs, these brightly coloured fish danced gracefully with the elements, delighting audiences as they floated and swooped through the air.


Ocubo invited visitors  inside their giant big top for an extraordinary show projected on the side of the Granary Building. The installation featuring acrobats, jugglers, dancers and performers.


Filled with bottles designed during workshops with local school children, Litre of Light acknowledged the growing need for alternative technologies to support our everyday lives. This installation highlighted how simple technology changes thousands of peoples lives across the world.


TILT is a French collective that reclaims public space for their art. They created luminous, dreamlike structures using recycled materials processed to high technical production quality.

Photos 1 & 5 by Dave Banbury from Flickr CC
Photo 2 by Matt Brown from Flickr CC
Photos 3 & 4 by Phil Rogers from Flickr CC

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