Koons Balloon, Balloon Rabbit


Manhattan hosts, just east of NYU, a highly polished red body in the lobby of 51 Astor Place. Easily seen from the sidewalk (and Google Maps) the object looks for your attention. It’s a Koons balloon, The Rabbit.

51 Astor Place edit

Jeff Koons, the artist, has created an art to see and be seen. His monumental balloon animals remind us to be happy and running into this piece on the bustling streets of New York does just that. The unusual sight draws me closer, the reflective surface keeps me there. In a city of movement, this sculpture creates a moment of pause.


The seemingly hollow interior of the balloon is filled with the transposed images of the world around it. The city is captured onto its surface; we see ourselves in the city and we see ourselves in the art. The balloon is a celebration of now – a celebration of the day, the city and you in that moment.

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All images by Nicole Stankus

Nicole Stankus happily finds herself as an architecture student at the University of Texas at Austin. Her interests lie past academia, expanding the idea of an architecture of buildings to include the architecture of society and people. How people interact with the city they live in is of particular interest to her and her writing. Seeing the world passionately and always seeking moments of urban ecstasy, Nicole looks to highlight the magical moments of great cities.

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