Join the OpenCity Team

3980649476_0fc28f08f5_bHere at OpenCity, we’re always looking for new contributors to cover unique urban experiences in cities around the world. Opportunities are available for both monthly and one-time writing contributions.

We’re also very interested in the potential to share and understand urban experiences through online multimedia. Contributions of photos, video, or audio are welcome and encouraged. Please feel welcome to discuss these possibilities with us.

To learn more about these roles or to express your interest, please contact us and tell us a bit about yourself and your ideas for working with OpenCity.

Photo by Antony Mayfield from Flickr (cc)

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3 thoughts on “Join the OpenCity Team

  1. UrbanABQ is a project I am currently focusing on with a fellow urban planner. The focus is Albuquerque, NM but I have experience in (a vast knowledge of) other cities and their use of public space. I look forward to contributing to your website and hearing back from you soon. Thanks!

  2. I’m currently developing a grassroots-level framework for several projects in Toronto’s public realm – spanning architecture, urban and landscape design, public and pop-up programming, economic development and more. I hope to add my voice to the discussion on your site!

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