Designing for Diversity isn’t as complicated as it first seems. To ease planners and city lovers into the practice, we’ve created a manifesto that outlines the basics.

Welcome the 99%
Time and again, inclusive spaces prove Design for Diversity is simply good design.

Diversify your team
A team that reflects its community will build spaces that do the same.

Tap local talent
People who already use local spaces have ideas that will drive more thoughtful design.

Keep doors open
Safe entry and affordable access will keep people coming in.

Something for everyone
A variety of features will attract people with a variety of needs and interests.

Speak their language
Promoting the space in the languages of the community will make people feel welcome.

Promote universal themes
Food and nature are common to us all; exploring them in your programs will bring people together.

Celebrate the differences
Diversity draws diversity; celebrate cultures and differences to encourage a sense of belonging.

Bend the rules
Leaving room to bend the rules encourages people to shape their space.