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9 Uneven Angles


“Disorder: 9 Uneven Angles,” a soaring sculpture by Bernar Venet is installed within the pedestrian plaza at East 17th Street and Broadway in Manhattan. Based on a series of paintings completed by Venet that were inspired by the variety of architectural angles he observed throughout the city, the structure plays off of the verticality of the surrounding buildings in the Union Square area and is situated at an intersection where high volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic all cross at different “angles.”  Continue reading

Set in the Street

setinthestreet_justinbettman-16 times square

Brooklyn-based photographer Justin Bettman is turning unwanted and discarded materials into alfresco living rooms in various cities around the world. Set in the Street is a collection of elaborate living room sets erected in public space. After Bettman is finished shooting photos in the spaces, the sets are left up on the street, where passersby are invited to shoot their own photos.  Continue reading