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Brandalism takes over the COP21 climate talks


Over 600 artworks critiquing the corporate takeover of the COP21 climate talks were installed in advertising spaces across Paris ahead of the United Nations summit beginning on November 30th. Amidst the French state of emergency banning all public gatherings following the terrorist attacks on 13 November in Paris, the Brandalism project has worked with Parisians to insert unauthorised artworks across the city that aim to highlight the links between advertising, consumerism, fossil fuel dependency and climate change. Continue reading

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Nova by SOFTlab


The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership Business Improvement District (BID) and Van Alen Institute recently announced that SOFTlab is the winner of the Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design Competition.  The second annual competition called for proposals from New York design firms for a temporary installation at the heart of the Flatiron District. SOFTlab’s winning proposal, Nova, will be the centerpiece of the Partnership’s annual holiday programming and a highly visible landmark in this thriving neighborhood of New York. Continue reading

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Dancing pavement


In light of recent precipitation well everywhere and the comments I’ve heard over a lifetime, it’s time to tap into the wondrous wetness. Like a great artist, rain is polarizing, and there seems to be a social media explosion from both parties when the phenomenon strikes. Everybody has a say on the matter, whether they cozy up in bed with a movie or go on with their daily life, only dampified.

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The Eiffel Tower, which dimmed its lights in mourning following Friday’s attacks in Paris, was re-lit in red, white and blue on Monday. Cities from around the world also showed their support for the citizens of Paris by lighting up iconic urban landmarks, including the Sydney Opera House, Toronto’s CN Tower and the Tokyo Skytree.  Continue reading

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Signs You Are in Vienna

Signs You Are in Vienna_4

Bikers and drivers see it, if you walk you’ve used it. A crosswalk signal, you know it well – bland, straight to the point. Sometimes, it may have some numbers next to the unisex figure. What these numbers do is count down the seconds you have to race down the street before a symphony of car horns erupt to tell you, your time is up. The signs work well and go unnoticed, there seems to be no need to address the topic; and so the story begins. Continue reading

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Something to think about: VOTE

My Prime Minister Embarrasses Me, Pascal Paquette / Ellyn Walker (2015)

In light of Canada’s federal election, artist Lisa Klapstock gained momentum at her collaborative exhibition, VOTE, which hosted a collection of reflective, throught-provoking text-based installations by Canadian artists and designers.

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Urban decay at Prudhomme’s Landing


What happens when your childhood water park closes down? Well, me and a couple friends decided to find out one sunny day. If you live in the Niagara Region, we’ve all passed Prudhomme’s Landing, an amusement park that in it’s hey-day was decked out with Bumper Cars, Go-Karts, a “Tilt-A-Whirl”, water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, a haunted house and a motel. Today, the site is more of an eyesore than an attraction. Continue reading

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An aerial view from Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.40.39 AM

Aerial videographer Ian Wood has created a cinematic short exploring all Los Angeles has to offer by way of architecture, street art and natural beauty. “I continue to be awe struck by how much of this vast city I have partially or completely overlooked before undertaking this video. And like most voyages of discovery, I’ve realize there’s so much more to find,” Wood describes.

Richelle Sibolboro is Managing Editor of OpenCity Projects

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