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Riding the Rocket

The 15-year-old film student, Russell Wellner, spent part of the summer and the Christmas season filming a gorgeous love letter to the TTC on his Canon T3i DSLR camera. Wellner’s one-minute film features shots of Rosedale, St. George, Bloor-Yonge, and a quick front-seat burst along the Bloor-Danforth line from Christie to Castle Frank.  Continue reading

Urban Footprints

As part of their “Urban Footprints” series, Huellas Artes by 100 architects is an initiative that interprets the human footprint as an artistic trail in Santiago City. It is a cultural engine fueled by the passing flow of citizens and visitors from around Bellas Artes metro station.

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Sound City Project


The urban landscape is made up of more than just bricks and mortar. When you walk onto the street and close your eyes, what sounds can you hear? Are they fragments of conversations? The sound of wind rustling? People arguing? Streetcars passing along? Sound City Project is a 3D soundscape created by David Vale, Rick van Mook, and Caco Teixeira that can be listened online from the comfort of your home. Continue reading

Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl

Earlier this year Danny Cooke had the opportunity to visit Chernobyl while working for CBS News on a ’60 Minutes’ episode. Described as one of the most interesting and dangerous places he has ever been. The nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl in Ukraine happened in 1986, but the crisis is still with us today. That’s because radiation virtually never dies.

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Crowd-sourced timelapse of London

On December 6, 2014, 40 photographers came together to create the most ambitious crowd-sourced timelapse of all time – all in a single day. Here the bustle of the throbbing city is captured in some 35,000 individual images, creating a streamlined portrait of London.

Drone’s view of Burning Man 2014

Ever wonder what it would be like to visit Burning Man? Well videographer Eric Cheung gives us a birds-eye view of the event. High above the skies, Cheung’s drone captures the many herds of people flocking to the center where the festivities unravels and takes center stage. Check out 6:02 where the dust shots are epic.

Showing off some skills

As I was walking downtown I noticed this young man on this bike practicing some tricks. I bet Mies van der Rohe didn’t see this as a use when he designed the TD Buildings back in the day. This is a perfect example of how public space can transform itself into an arena of self expression and imagination through the eyes of a beholder.

DRIVE New York

DRIVE is a nationwide journey to encourage bottom-up efforts and “drive” social innovation through design. The project documents collaborative creations with urban and rural community groups. Designed by Rotten Apple and Soft Walks, DRIVE is a six-city series that starts off in New York City and continues in Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Omaha and Laramie. Continue reading