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Life After Death


Death is terrifying. The idea of becoming obsolete, ceasing to exist, is not a pleasant thought. We die, we’re buried and we can only hope to live through the memories of those who knew us well. Cemeteries reflect this ideology perfectly. While each cemetery is unique in its own sense there is unmistakably a common thread winding through them all, they are places to go and grieve. But how often do people actually visit cemeteries? And what becomes of the grave when those who remember die? Cemeteries are dead spaces for dead people. Continue reading

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My Playground

The sport of Parkour is a holistic form of urban escapade that pushes traditional thinking around human interaction with the built environment. Its practitioners, freerunners, are playful and tactile, who re-imagine space through interjections of their vast urban playgrounds. MY PLAYGROUND by Kaspar Astrup Schröder is a compelling film that presents the story behind Copenhagen’s urban sports and activity park ‘Plug N Play’ and the world’s first parkour park. Continue reading

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Copenhagen’s Urban Heat Island Escape

On a hot day, refuge from the heat can be found right in the centre of Copenhagen. Just a short cycle ride away from the Christianshavn Metro, the harbour baths at Islands Brygge offer Danes and visitors alike the opportunity to cool down in one of five pools while admiring the surrounding building spires and the hustle and bustle of the commute across Børsgade Knippelsbro bridge. Continue reading

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A Park for All Ages: Copenhagen’s ‘Red Square’

Stepping into the Red Square, you feel as if you have entered the fantasy candyland of your childhood even though it’s halfway down Nørrebrogade, one of Copenhagen’s busiest streets in the Nørrebro area. This ‘red square’ is not of the political variety. Instead, it’s been named after the red hues that cover nearly every surface. It serves as a playground for adults and children alike and is a place in the city where adults are often seen not acting their age. (Lucky for both, there is soft padding underneath the play structures in case horseplay becomes a little too rough.) Continue reading

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Killing Time at Copenhagen’s Assistens Cemetery

Once the weather warms up and the sun comes out from its hiding place behind the clouds, an interesting thing happens in Copenhagen – the population seems to nearly triple. People and animals alike come out of hibernation and clamber for a patch of shady green grass.

From the popular sunbathers oasis that is Frederiksberg Gardens to the expansive Fælledparken, there are many places in the city for sun-seekers to occupy. However, a more modest location proves to be an unexpected hit amongst the sun starved. North American cemeteries are not overly inviting, but the Assistens Cemetery located in the trendy Nørrebro neighbourhood is unusually welcoming for a cemetery.

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Rethinking Scaffolding in Copenhagen

Tucked away from Copenhagen’s bustling main drag lies an architectural gem made from something you wouldn’t expect—scaffolding. Once construction workers have finished for the day, scaffolding is left vacant and serves as a harsh mechanism that hides the delicate building underneath. By turning the unoccupied scaffolding into a temporary Pop-Up Cafe, Danish design group Super Bau 3.0 demonstrated how construction framework can be used positively, allowing for a new appreciation of our surroundings.

The project is a result of Innosite’s Better Living Contest, which asked for innovative and creative ideas about how to transform the buildings around us to improve everyday life for both tenants and landlords. Super Bau 3.0 (Steffen Impgaard Pedersen, Trine Broe Rasmussen and Signe Nielsen Kjaer), responded to Innosite’s challenge with a first-prize solution addressing the negative conceptions surrounding city scaffolding.

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