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East Austin Studio Tour 2015

DSC_0682Public art is an indulgence. It is the makeup of our cities; the mascara that makes our eyes or a neighborhood, pop. This past weekend in Austin, Texas we celebrated art with the annual East Austin Studio Tour, affectionately known as E.A.S.T. Among all the activities, public art made its statement with a strong underlying theme running through each piece. Undoubtedly all art has its individualistic qualities that make them unique, but what delineates public art from the others is that it hopes to interact with the civilian, not one but all. Continue reading

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Blooming streetlights


Created by HQ architects, ‘Warde’ is an urban installation located in the heart of Jerusalem. Composed of four 9-meter high by 9-meter wide inflatable flowers, this project is part of the municipality’s effort to improve the urban space of the city center and in this specific case, of the Vallero’s Square poor condition.  Continue reading

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Signs You Are in Vienna

Signs You Are in Vienna_4

Bikers and drivers see it, if you walk you’ve used it. A crosswalk signal, you know it well – bland, straight to the point. Sometimes, it may have some numbers next to the unisex figure. What these numbers do is count down the seconds you have to race down the street before a symphony of car horns erupt to tell you, your time is up. The signs work well and go unnoticed, there seems to be no need to address the topic; and so the story begins. Continue reading

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Official Ottawa


Mounties without music. Parliament without pageantry.

This is Ottawa, but not the one you know.

This is Official Ottawa. And Official Ottawa is the work of Tony Fouhse.

Official Ottawa is a photographic study of Canada’s capital city as the seat of power – specifically, of federal power. A tabloid of 44 pictures and a brief essay by Ottawa journalist Phil JenkinsOfficial Ottawa studies the ways that power manifests itself in “the architecture, functionaries, and tableaux” that embody that federal presence. Continue reading

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Legacy at the Chicago Architecture Biennial


Chicago has a long history of reinvention. After the Great Fire of 1871, the city has had to think big, dream boldly and push the boundaries of what is possible in the urban landscape. From the world’s first modern skyscraper to the iconic bungalow, Chicago has always used architecture and design to continually transform itself and its identity. This past weekend, marked another milestone for the city with the opening of the Chicago Architecture Biennial, the first and largest exhibition in North America dedicated to contemporary architecture. Continue reading

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Hotel Cumbres


The Lastarria neighborhood is in the heart of Santiago’s city centre. It originally started with a church surrounded by houses and winding streets. Yet, the Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro was only built in 1981 in order to preserve a series of facades beginning with the historic house of Gil de Castro. Continue reading

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