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Kensington Road Mural


If you are familiar with Toronto, you will know that street art is nothing new to the city’s vibrant Kensington Market area but this is officially bananas (and carrots). A group of local volunteers known as the Toronto Public Space Committee painted the city’s first road mural in the middle of Baldwin Street.  Continue reading

JR makes the Louvre pyramid disappear


For his new show “JR au Louvre“, the remarkable Ted Prize-winning French street artist and photographer JR used his talent for large scale photos to create a fantastic illusion in Paris. Using his trademark technique, JR made the iconic glass and metal pyramid that sits proudly at the entrance of the incredible Musée du Louvre completely disappear into the facade of the Museum building right behind it . Continue reading

Positivity, freedom, love and nature

Opposite Mirror

In the small Italian town of Arcugnano, 5 murals grace the walls of the local kindergarten. Okuda San Miguel was invited to participate in the 3rd edition of the “Art in the Streets” project where he and his assistant Antonyo Marest used bold colours and patterns to connect the art to the surrounding community. In his own words, Okuda describes how his process was impacted by the children, parents and teachers  of Arcugnano: “I had a project in mind but in Arcugnano I changed my mind to leave a message of positivity, freedom, love and nature”. Continue reading

The People’s Canopy


People’s Architecture Office and In Certain Places created People’s Canopy, a mobile intervention designed to revitalize underused places in Preston’s city-centre. The aim of People’s Canopy is to encourage exchange and new (visual) connections between the university and the city center, using a two-story high, expandable red roof-structure on bicycle wheels. Continue reading

Tokyo at Night


Alleyways, lanterns, neon signs and merchants are the cinematic backdrops of local Japanese photographer and artist Masashi Wakui. His quite and intimate moments provide the spectator with a view of Japan that is appreciated by those who like to wander the streets and discover cities on their own accord. Continue reading

Souvenir d’un Futur

Laurent Kronental - Souvenir d'un Futur (2)Souvenir d’un Futur documents the life of senior citizens living in the “Grands Ensembles” (large housing projects) around Paris. For the most part erected between the 1950s and the 1980s to address the housing crisis, urban migration and the inflow of foreign migrants while meeting modern comfort needs, these large estates are today often stigmatized by the media and marginalized by public opinion. Continue reading