Lumiere London


Web app and lighting design by Art AV strung between buildings at Oxford Circus.

Cold January nights have a tendency to trigger an instinctive need to hide away indoors until springtime but recent efforts in London have residents and tourists alike flocking to the streets. The first annual Lumiere London was a 4-night urban festival that re-imagined London’s urban landscape and architecture through the work of 30 installations across four main areas of the city. Continue reading

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In spaces where there is nothing, there is still something. French photographer and installation artist Charles Pétillon illustrates this idea by using hundreds of white balloons to fill spaces that were previously empty, and perhaps even abandoned. In a series called Invasions, Pétillon and his team fill empty spaces with clusters of stark white balloons to alter the way people perceive familiar things and spaces. Continue reading

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Light therapy in Montreal


Glowing seesaws have taken over the iconic Place Des Festivals in Montreal, combining a public art installation with a luminous interactive experience. Designed by Lateral Office and CS Design, the giant seesaws, dubbed “Impulse,” hum with music when passersby play on them. The vibrant seesaws were chosen for the city’s sixth annual Luminothérapie event, which includes art and tech projects that use light and design. Continue reading

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Participatory Budgeting and Public Space—Better Together?

19359651805_2fc2a7e10c_zNot only do I get excited about public space and urban design—I’m also a bit of an emerging municipal budget nerd. I volunteer with an organization called Better Budget TO, and earlier this year we released a report with recommendations for the City of Toronto to make our budget process more participatory, visionary, open and evidence-based. We also hosted a day-long event called Better Budget Day at Evergreen Brick Works (a great public space!) in partnership with Evergreen City Works. (You see, public space and public budgets really do go hand in hand.) Continue reading

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La Iglesia Skate


In the Spanish city of Llanera, in the northwestern principality of Asturias, skateboarding is a religion. So much so, in fact, that a collective of skateboarders called the Church Brigade bought a 100-year-old church and converted it into La Iglesia Skate (“Skate Church” in English). The Church Brigade’s indoor skate mecca caught the eye of Madrid-based artist Okuda San Miguel, known for his brand of vibrantly colored, pop cubism-meets-surrealist art. Continue reading

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