OpenCity Weekly Review

Here’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from around the world. This week we bring you the case for sustainable streets, wayfinding in the NYC subway, nine cool projects under freeways, and the Toronto Urban Design Awards.

  • Making the Case for Sustainable Streets
  • A reflection on what all the recent changes to New York City’s streets, spearheaded by Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Kahn, has done for the city. (via The Dirt)
  • Wayfinding in the NYC Subway
  • If you’re like most people that have ever been to New York City, you know what it’s like to feel lost underground in the subway system. Here are some ideas that could help. (Via FastCompany)
  • Nine Cool Projects Under Freeway Overpasses
  • Urban freeways suck, right? Well, these cities have found creative ways to repurpose the space underneath their freeway overpasses for parks and other innovative public spaces. (via AtlanticCities)
  • Design City
  • The City of Toronto honours the best in urban design at the Toronto Urban Design Awards, held once every two years. Awards go to everything from single elements on a site to the tallest apartment and office towers. (via Torontoist)

photo of Underpass Park from Waterfront Toronto

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3 Responses to OpenCity Weekly Review

  1. Cedric Lapa says:

    The Toronto Urban Design Awards should be held up like a glaringly bright beacon for the rest of us: These awards are actually about rewarding design itself; not sculptural buildings or poetic benches admired in isolation for their aesthetic or formal qualities. Design is not a pure art; pure arts are valuable to society, but their power lies in the focus and contemplation of isolated objects or ideas. Design can be just as valuable to society, but its an applied art and its power lies in its context. Design in context: Design when it applied to the people and sidewalks and skyline and life around it. Remember that?

  2. Evan Keel says:

    A park under a highway? Have we lost our collective minds here? Who in their right mind wants to site under a concrete highway and listed to the racket and have pigeons crapping on their head?

  3. Jordy says:

    Evan, fair point.

    Did you take a look at the pictures in the article? Few, if any of them look like traditional park spaces. I am not sure the vision your paint is applicable to the examples given.

    Should we have traditional parks in wide open spaces in cities, absolutely. That said, space is at a premium. I would prefer that we get creative maximizing and diversify the kinds of public spaces we do have.

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