OpenCity Weekly Review

Here’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from around the world. This week we bring you two stories from Vancouver, one about appliance ‘art’ and one about putting parks in car parking spaces, as well as buildings as music video stars in Oslo, and 3D printed soundscapes.

  • Appliance ‘Art’ Irks Vancouver Resident
  • What is art? This is a question one Vancouver resident found herself asking when she phoned the City to report a pile of what appeared to be discarded appliances near a SkyTrain station. As it turned out, the appliances were part of an art installation and pop-up public space. (via Vancouver Courier)
  • Modular Public Lounge Takes Over Vancouver Parking Spaces
  • First New York City opened pedestrian spaces in what used to be busy roadways, then San Francisco followed with their Pavement to Parks program, and now Vancouver has gotten on board with Viva Vancouver’s parklets, including Parallel Park, a beautiful and functional linear public space plopped down in two parking spots. (via Inhabitat)
  • Oslo Towers Dance for Music Video
  • Residential towers are used to create the visuals for a music video, with synchronized lighting and time-lapse photography turning these bland structures into something mesmerizing. (via ArchDaily)
  • 3D Printed Soundscapes
  • Ever wondered what the sound of your favourite park looked like? What about the alley behind your apartment building? Well, now you can see for yourself. Andy Huntington has created a way to produce 3D sculptures of the sound taken from music or a specific space. (via The Pop-Up City)

photo by Sillygwailo from Flickr (cc)

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