OpenCity Weekly Review

Here’s our weekly review rounding up the best stories and ideas in public space from cities around the world. This week we bring you a visualization of shipping routes from around the world, a new Vancouverism, the Maputo People’s Wall, and an interview with author Taras Grescoe about his book on public transit, Straphanger.

  • A New Vancouverism
  • Vancouver is known for its dense glass towers set on podiums that maintain a humanized street wall, but a new conference in the city has asked designers and architects to break out of the box and come up with a new design for the Vancouver of the future.
  • Forget Your Facebook Wall: Maputo Citizens Feedback on an Actual Wall
  • A few week’s ago we brought you the story of Space98, a Vancouver bus shelter turned into a community message board. Here’s another city that has created a community message board, where citizens in Maputo, Mozambique can make suggests about what they like and don’t like in their community. (via ThisBigCity)
  • The Better Way, Around the World
  • Montreal writer Taras Grescoe has written about weird foods and the fishing industry, but his new book finds him riding the world’s public transit systems from Paris’ Metro to Bogota’s bus rapid transit system. Here’s an interview with Grescoe about his new book and about the importance of transit in shaping the cities we live in. (via Torontoist)

photo of Vancouver skyline by Michael Scheltgen from Flickr (cc)

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