To gain a deep understanding of a space, we engage with the people who live and work in its core. Through this hands on research, we learn about their needs and this leads us to create better experiences.

We immerse ourselves in a place to understand the current context, environment, assets and stakeholders who will use and influence the experience.
• Desk research
• Asset audit
• Precedent research
• Site visits + observation

Using a range of engagement methods tailored to the challenge, we verify the research and understand the situation from all relevant stakeholders’ points-of-view.
• In-depth interviewing
• Shadowing
• Man on the street

We combine and build on the insights defined from the research and engagement process to create an experience.
• Personas
• Insight Report
• Strategy documents

With a clear and sound plan in place, we assist our clients in the execution phase as our insights become real, tangible solutions.
• Experience Guide
• Design Consultation